Kids Games For Preschoolers

One of the biggest milestones in a parent's life is when their kids start to enter preschool. Of course this is a big event for the kids too since they will experience going to school, having classmates, having teachers and being away from mommy or daddy for the first time. However, the pressure is on the parents because they feel obligated to give their kids the best time.

If you are a parent then you probably understand the feeling that you do not want to force the idea of schooling and education to your kids too much because they might lose interest in such a short time. To be able to deal with this, it is advisable that you allow your kids to have fun and enjoy the idea of having new friends and classmates. It is best if you could familiarize yourself with some fun and easy games for preschoolers that you can let your kids play with their classmates and friends.

Here are some examples of fun and easy games for your preschoolers:

1. Cornhole game -- This game involves players taking turns to pitch the cornhole bags that are usually filled with corns. This is a perfect game for the kids especially during summer and the best part is that it is easy to play for as long as you can aim and shoot. You can invite your kid's preschooler friends and set up some sort of cornhole or bean bag toss tournament. To make the game exciting, you could prepare exciting prizes for the winners. This game is also ideal to enhance the kids' motor skills as they try to pitch the cornhole or beanbags.

2. Duck, Duck, Goose -- There will be one kid who will act as the "goose" while the rest of the participants sitting in circle are the "ducks". The "goose" will walk around the circle tapping each players saying "duck" and when he tags one participant by shouting "goose", that player will run to tag back the current "goose". If the "goose" successfully took the seat of the tagged player, then he will be able to join the rest of the "ducks" and there will be new a "goose" now.

The game can be played outdoors or in a spacious room where children can run freely. You should watch out, as the kids can be hyperactive and competitive while chasing the "goose". Be watchful not to let any of the kids stumble or fall flat into the ground while running.

This is one exciting game for the kids, as they love to run and chase other kids around.

3. What time is it Mommy Bear - The adult will be "Mommy Bear" (it can be Mr. Fox, Daddy Bear, Sleepy Bear or whatever you want). She will be standing on one side of the room while the kids are on the opposite side. The kids will ask, "What time is it Mommy Bear?" and she will respond, "It is time to hop". Then the kids will hop a step towards the adult. Then, they will ask the same question again and "Mommy Bear" will answer with "walk, run, crawl or whatever actions he/she wants the kids to do" until the kids are one-step away from "Mommy Bear". For the last answer, the adult will say "It is midnight" and act to chase the kids around until all the kids reach back their base.

The kids will be able to enhance their listening skills, learn to follow instructions and most important of all they will have lots of fun with other kids through this game.

It would be great to arrange once a week playtime with other preschoolers to give your kids fun time while they are also learning new skills.


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