Fun and Beneficial Outdoor Trampoline Activities for the Whole Family

Owning a backyard outdoor trampoline is not only something that the whole family can enjoy, but is also beneficial for everyone's health as it is a fun way to exercise. There are many different of types of exercises and fun activities including games that can be played on small or large trampolines creating hours of outdoor fun for the entire family. In this article on outdoor trampoline activities, you will learn about some of the fun games as well as the beneficial exercises that you and your entire family can enjoy when owning a backyard trampoline.

Outdoor Trampoline Games

Many of the fun games that can be played on your outdoor trampoline are based on familiar and traditional games including "Hot Potato". There are a couple of versions of this game that can be played on either small or large trampolines. One way is to use a ball for the "hot potato" with all the players positioning themselves in a circle near the center of the trampoline and giving the ball to one player. All players must begin jumping up and down together and the player who has the ball must throw it to one of players of his choice. Any player who drops the ball is eliminated with the game continuing until there is only one player left who is then declared the winner. The Hot Potato game can also be played with a water balloons tossing one back and forth eliminating each player who breaks a balloon.

Dodge ball is another game that is fun to play on a trampoline; however, you will need a trampoline safety net for this game in order to avoid constantly chasing after the wayward balls. Anywhere from one to five balls can be placed on the surface of the trampoline while all of the players begin jumping simultaneously trying to avoid being hit by any of the balls. Each player is to be eliminated from the game after being hit by the balls a predetermined number of times which is usually between five and ten with the last person remaining being declared the winner.

Outdoor Trampoline Exercises

An outdoor trampoline is a great way for individuals to engage in regular physical activity and exercise which is beneficial for our overall health. There are many beneficial exercises that can be done on small or large trampolines including exercise routines that can be performed on a regular basis to keep in shape. When exercising on a trampoline it is recommended that you wear your socks and not shoes as this reduces the risk of slipping and falling. Warm ups can be done by marching in place on your trampoline for approximately two minutes in order to prepare for a more intense workout. Jogging in place on your outdoor trampoline is an excellent way to increase the strength of your heart and lungs.

If you are not accustomed to exercising and are just starting out, you will want to start slowly by jogging as long as you can until you are able to reach approximately twenty minutes per workout session. Jumping jacks can also be done on a trampoline, however, for your safety control your jumping height to no more than three inches above the surface of your trampoline. As you can see, having an outdoor trampoline in your backyard is not only fun for the whole family, but also a fun way to keep in shape.


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